ECO Laundry powder for whites and baby cloth diapers - 850 g - 56 loads | 2374

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For whites and textiles with colour fastness properties, with bleaching and antimicrobial effects. Suitable for bedding, children’s clothes and cloth diapers from natural fibres or mixed fabrics. Tested for skin tolerance, suitable also for babies under the age of 3. Does not contain perfumes. Do not apply to fleece materials.


Instructions for use: 15 g powder (1 tablespoon) for a washing cycle, 4-5 kg laundry.


If materials allow, the minimal temperature should be 40 °C (to facilitate the dissolution of sweat and grease).


Washing in hard water: We recommend using Water softener or doubling the amount of the powder. Water hardness may be determined by our Water hardness testing strip.


For stains: Before washing, treat stains with ECO Gall soap.


For heavily soiled clothes: Double the amount of powder or let the clothes soak in warm water mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of PUER eco bleaching powder before washing, ideally overnight.


Rinsing: We recommend using our ECO Laundry rinse, as it neutralises pH of the washing bath and rinses residual of impurities and detergents, thus preventing possible skin irritation.


Ingredients: > 30% sodium carbonate, 5-15% sodium percarbonate, 5-15% silicate, 5-15% sodium bicarbonate (soda bicarbona), trisodium citrate; < 5% soapnut powder in organic quality, olive soap powder (olive oil soap, sodium chloride).


Chemical minimalism: For our household products, we only choose ingredients that present the smallest possible strain on human health and the planet. This product does not contain oil derivatives, palm oil, synthetic fragrances or dyes.


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