ECO Laundry rinse with lavender extract 1l - 33 loads I 2312

ECO Laundry rinse with lavender extract, certified by EcoGarantie.




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This slightly acidic rinse neutralises washing water, which is particularly important for people with sensitive skin, people suffering from eczema or allergies, as well as for small children. The natural pH level of human skin is acidic, whereas laundry detergents, soap, and washing soda are alkalic. This is why clothing containing laundry detergent residue may cause skin irritation. The laundry rinse neutralises alkalic substances and helps the water wash them off the clothing.


When washing in hard water, the rinse also keeps the clothing from fading, a process caused by the soap substances contained in detergents colliding with the minerals in the water. The fibres' natural properties (towels absorb water again) and appearance (brighter colours) return. The rinse does not damage bamboo fabrics.


The difference between a fabric softener and a laundry rinse: The purpose of fabric softeners is to reduce static electricity clinging to synthetic textiles. They smooth the fibre by coating it. However, this leads to a reduction in the absorption capacity and permeability of the textile. For this reason, fabric softeners are not suitable for cotton or functional athletic fabrics.


Instructions for use: For 4–5 kg laundry, add 30 ml (cap) when also using a laundry gel or powder. Or add 45 ml when using soap flakes or slime. Add the rinse to the fabric softener dispenser. When washing in hard water, add an additional 15 ml of the rinse and use our Water Softener.


Ingredients: 15–30% citric acid, denatured alcohol, organic lavender essential oil (Lavandula Intermedia), linalool.


Chemical minimalism: This product does not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes. Our products are not tested on animals.


Zero waste: This bottle can serve you for many years if you refill it from a larger package or in a non-packaging store. 



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