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ECO Soap nuts, certified by EcoGarantie.


Soapnut shells for sensitive and ecological washing in a washing machine or by hand. They contain the natural detergent saponin which is suitable for washing all types of textiles after normal use (sweat, dust), including functional textiles and even the most sensitive materials (wool, silk). Soapnuts do not cause colour fading and are suitable for people with very sensitive skin. Washing with soapnut shells is one the cheapest laundry methods ever.


Instructions for use: Put the respective number of nuts (see the table) into the small cotton bag found in the package, then put it among the laundry in the washing machine. There is no need to add a fabric softener or a laundry rinse, as the saponin from soapnuts acts as a water softening agent. When washing at a temperature of 60 °C, the nuts may be used 2-3 times. When the soapnuts stop producing foam (i.e. they no longer release saponin), you may add them to a compost heap.


When washing whites, add 1-2 spoons of PUER bleaching powder (soapnuts do not contain any whitening or brightening substances).


If you want to wash heavily soiled laundry, soak the item(s) overnight in warm water (intensity depends on the textile type) and add 1-2 spoons of PUER.


Treat any stains with our Gall Soap or Olive Oil Soap with Lemon Extract before washing.


Add an individual scent to the laundry – before you put the bag with soapnut shells in the washing machine, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the bag.


Ingredients: 100 % soapnuts.


Chemical minimalism: We consider washing with soapnuts a pure and natural method of washing. Currently, we do not know of any more powerful and ecological source of natural detergent. The soapnut trees are not mass produced on plantations but grow wild in Indian forests.


Our nuts are harvested by Indian women and represent their source of income and independence.



Washing temperature in °C

Recommended number of soapnuts

  Soft Water Hard Water
to 60° C 3-4 pcs (1 table spoon/12 g) 5 pcs (1,5 table spoons/15 g)
over 60° C 4-5 pcs (1,5 table spoons/15 g) 6 pcs (2 table spoons/18 g)

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