Prompt and friendly online service and the products I've used so far have been surprisingly effective. Clean home, environment and consciousness at the same time!


Denitsa Peneva


* * *


See this pullover? I love it!
But, I nearly lost it due to spots that didn't want to go away. Tried everything commercial - nothing worked. Dry cleaning - neither.Until, the magic of Tierra Verde's powder from the box you see - spotless! Highly recommended!


Suzana P. Nikiforova


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I am a fan. We bought a laundry detergent and dish washing liquid. I am super satisfied with it and will never go back to conventional ones. So excited that this products are now available in Bulgaria. What makes the laundry detergent truly unique, is the way it smells. The lavender essential oil gives this wonderful scent to my clothing! 


Alexandra Kunzli


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I used the washing powder for white and baby clothes. The results were great, judging mainly from the fact that I washed white socks with the rest of the clothes and they were perfectly washed. I didn't see any other remaining stains on other garments. What is also great is that there is no aroma that goes along with the powder. The package is big enough for at least two weeks of laundry, may be even more if the instructions on the package are followed. With fewer words - great product, I recommend!


Daniela Zagorska


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Great to see women taking initiative and creating/distributing/making business with products that are useful/needed/doing no harm to human body and the environment!


Yasmin Alam


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A way to live in synch with nature and the environment..


Daniela Kisova