ECO Regenerating salt for dishwashers 2kg | 4187

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ECO Regenerating salt for dishwashers, certified by EcoGarantie.

For the maintenance of ion exchangers in household dishwashers. The ion exchanger retains calcium and magnesium ions, thus softening the washing water and preventing the built-up of residue on dishes and glassware. Pure coarse-grained salt without additives such as iodine, fluorine and anti-caking agents that can be found in regular table salt.




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Instructions for use: After the signal from the respective control light, pour the salt into the salt compartment. To achieve a perfect cleaning result, it is necessary to set the dosage of both the salt and the RINSE according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the hardness of the water. The build-up of sediments on the dishes is caused by insufficient as well as excessive quantity of the rinse.


Ingredients: 100% coarse-grained salt (sodium chloride, CAS 7647-14-5).


Chemical minimalism: For our household products, we only choose ingredients that present the smallest possible strain on human health and the planet.


Zero waste: This high-quality two-ply paper pouch can be used repeatedly if you refill it from a larger-volume package or refill it at any zero waste store.


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