ECO Soapnut Dishwasher Gel with Orange 5l = 200 washings | 3289

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  • Brand: TierraVerde
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Soapnut Dishwasher Gel with Orange, certified by EcoGarantie.




In a reusable canister! Refill it at a bulk store or return it to us.


HERE you can see the list of our stores - partners offering bulk sales and places to return empty 5 liter canister.




The gel with an extra amount of soapnut extract effectively removes all impurities. The new natural surfactant exhibits excellent degreasing action and the baking soda helps remove dried food residues. The gel is non-irritating and environmentally friendly.


Instructions for use: Pour 25 ml of the product into the dishwasher dispenser (about 3/4 of the cap). Use DISHWASHER SALT and RINSE AID for a perfect cleaning result. You can find out the recommended dosage using the TEST STRIP according to the level of water hardness and the dishwasher's instructions. If the dishes are heavily soiled, fill the entire cap. It is recommended to add a tablespoon of citric acid, which will help remove limescale from the dishwasher. The effects of the gel are also enhanced by BIKA – baking soda, which removes any odour from the dishwasher. THE RECOMMENDED MINIMUM DISHWASHER TEMPERATURE WHEN USING THIS GEL IS 40 °C.


Ingredients: < 15% soapnut extract, chelating agent (GLDA), sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium carbonate (washing soda), glycerol, xanthan gum, < 5% non-ionic surfactants, natural orange essential oil in bio quality (Citrus sinensis), D-limonene.


Chemical minimalism: For our household products, we only choose ingredients that present the smallest possible strain on human health and the planet.


Zero waste: You can refill the bag repeatedly in the package-free store.






Do you believe that dishwashing detergent is completely washable? The truth is that no matter how much water you wash the dishes with, there is always a fine layer of detergent left on them.


This means that with the next meal you will swallow a small amount of your detergent and so with each meal a spoonful.


Our bodies are exposed to many toxins. From year to year the air, water, food become more and more polluted and more and more people realize the need for clean products. The search begins with food, expands to cosmetics and naturally moves to home detergents.




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