PUER – ECO Oxygen stain remover and bleaching powder - 1kg I 2398

PUER – ECO Oxygen stain remover and bleaching powder, certified by EcoGarantie.


Universally applicable Puer powder for laundry and cleaning:

  • washing of white and light clothing, brightening of faded colours, prevention against fading
  • removing organic stains on colourfast textiles from food, wine, grass, soil, ink
  • cleaning of sanitary ceramics - toilets, urinals
  • mould liquidation - bathroom, textiles
  • degreasing - cleaning of kitchen utensils, dishcloths soaking
  • cleaning of washing machines and dishwashers, dishwasher filter maintenance
  • cleaning of waste pipes - sink, bathtub, washbasin, shower outlets


Puer develops its cleaning properties at a temperature of 60 °C or higher. When in water, it breaks into baking soda, water and oxygen and is thus convenient for septic tanks and biological wastewater treatment systems. Please see the enclosed flyer for more information.


Ingredients: 100 % sodium percarbonate (CAS 15630-89-4).


Chemical minimalism: For our household products, we only choose ingredients that present the smallest possible strain on human health and the planet.


This product does not contain optical brighteners, enzymes, TAED or chlorine bleach agents.

14,90 лв.
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